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Crow's profile
Username: Crow
Status: offline
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Joined: Sep 06, 2007
Biography: One summer evening drunk to hell,
I stood there nearly lifeless.
An old man in the corner sang,
Where the water lilies grow.

And on the jukebox Johnny sang,
About a thing called love.
And it's how are you kid and what's your name,
And how would you bloody know?

In blood and death 'neath a screaming sky,
I lay down on the ground.
And the arms and legs of other men,
Were scattered all around.
Some cursed, some prayed, some prayed then cursed,
Then prayed and bled some more.

And the only thing that I could see,
Was a pair of brown eyes that was looking at me.
But when we got back, labeled parts one to three
There was no pair of brown eyes waiting for me
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04/30/11 at 17:24Love this so much... going to steal and send to everyone... Cheers Morgaz
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